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The study, led by Laura S. Weyrich from the University of Adelaide in South Australia, looked at the plaque and DNA on the enamel of two Neanderthals of Spanish origin, the Guardian and NBC News reported on Wednesday and made some startling discoveries about their lifestyles. For one thing, the study authors discovered that, contrary to popular belief, Neanderthals had not exclusively eaten meat. Instead, they found no evidence of meat in the teeth of the specimens (an adult female and a teenage male who was not an immediate relative) at all but, they noted, this does not mean that these individuals and the other members of their society were herbivores. In fact, the authors said that their evidence suggests that the duo was actually eaten by cannibals, and a similar analysis of two other Neanderthals from Belgium revealed a dramatically different diet that also included wooly rhinoceros and sheep, according to Washington Post reports. Neanderthals, not surprisingly, are doing different things, eating different things, in different places, study co-author Keith Dobney, a professor of human paleoecology from the University of Liverpool in the UK, told the Guardian. This dietary variation, however, was only one of the discoveries he and his colleagues made by studying the teeth of ancient Neanderthals. Discovery of microbe suggests that humans, Neanderthals kissed The dental calculus of these four Neanderthals, who lived between 42,000 and 50,000 years ago, was a fantastic time capsule of biological information which trapped not onlydirect evidence of the food that goesin your mouth, but... well preserved ecosystems that have evolved with us, Dobney explained to the Post. Among the more intriguing findings was that the teenage man had an infected mouth and several other injuries that indicated that he was suffering from some physician home construction loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 kind of illness one that apparently was being treated, as the researchers found two residues on his teeth that were not present in any of the other specimens.